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My name is Jim Rayburn. I've been involved in the diamond, gemstone, and custom jewelry industry for decades. Although I started in Brazil, then with a shop in Colorado, today I have enthusiastic customers from Maine to California, Washington State to Florida, and a few places in Europe. Simply from referrals, this network of customers grew, one at a time. I also have customers who live and work right next to the New York Diamond District. There's a reason why they come to me. This is not a "click to buy," shopping cart website. I prefer to converse before we begin your unique and most important project. We'll discuss styles, stones, and budgets, and take it from there. If you're an expert in gemology, that's great, but if you don't know a diamond from an ice cube, it's not a problem. I'll help you every step of the way

Rings & Earrings

Respecting copyright laws, most any design is possible, or modifiable. If you already have a style in mind, please send a picture, rendering, or a URL link, along with metal type, metal color, and finger size. If you're unsure of the finger size, we'll resolve this later. After we discuss your budget goals, settle on the design, shape, size, and quality of the diamond(s) desired, I'll furnish you a project cost estimate.

Pendants & Necklaces

Please browse the list of links below to find the style you prefer. These are jewelry manufacturers that do not sell directly to the public so no prices are displayed as a rule. Send me the URL and style number and I'll respond with availability and price: Browse Kimint Pendants Browse Kimint Necklaces Browse Ostbye Pendants Stuller Necklaces and Pendants

Bracelets & Tennis Bracelets

This site has prices listed but significant discounts are offered my customers. Amount of discount depends on item of interest, total carat weight and quality of stones, etc. Send style number, carat weight chosen, stone quality selected, and length preferred (7 inches is standard). Browse "Tennis Jewelry Online" Examples

The 4 C's

When learning about picking out a diamond, the 4 C's are a great place to start.


The diamond color evaluation of most gem-quality diamonds is based on the absence of color. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, like a drop of pure water. The D-to-Z diamond color-grading system measures the degree of colorlessness by comparing a stone under controlled lighting and precise viewing conditions to a master […]



Diamond carat weight is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. A metric “carat” is defined as 200 milligrams or one-fifth of a gram. Each carat can be subdivided into 100 ‘points.’ This allows very precise measurements to the hundredth decimal place. A jeweler may describe the weight of a diamond below one carat […]



Of the Four Cs, clarity is the easiest to understand and generally has the least impact on a diamond’s appearance. Clarity refers to the tiny, natural imperfections that occur in almost all diamonds. These are usually called “inclusions” when internal and blemishes when external. Diamonds with the fewest and smallest inclusions receive the highest clarity […]



The quality of the cut is arguably the most important factor in determining a diamond’s beauty. Over the years many people have gotten the impression that a diamond’s clarity merits a great deal of emphasis. Truth is, as long as a diamond shows no visible inclusions to the naked eye, its clarity doesn’t show. How […]


What other says About Jim's Work

Jim was an absolute joy to work with. I had a very unique engagement ring design in mind and Rayburn nailed it on the head. His experience, business connections, patience and expertise helped create the 'perfect' ring at an incredibly affordable price. I could tell that Jim was almost as excited for me as I was to present the ring to the love of my life. When I first saw it in person I was mesmerized by it's dazzling quality and intricate craftsmanship. I really couldn't take my eyes off of it. My fiance still says that she has, "never worn a ring that feels so right." She is constantly receiving compliments on it's brilliant luster. We've already referred several friends to Jim, and I am certain we will be working together again soon.

Dave Brown
Dave Brown

Rayburn knocked it out of the park. Couldn't be more pleased with investment and time Jim spent with me customizing and designing the specific ring I had in mind. Getting to work with Jim through this once in a lifetime process, (sorry Jim only getting engaged once) you could really sense Jim's joy for people in the way that he collaborated through every step of the process as well as his passion for what he does. The final product took my breath away. He is the best!

Thomas Haines
Thomas Haines

Jim put together an amazing ring for us. The time and effort he put into creating the ideal ring for my fiancee and I was incredible. No one makes the process easier or more enjoyable. Every conversation was a reminder of how much he cares about the process and our particular engagement. On top of that he produced a beautiful ring that was far beyond what I hoped for. He used my budget to create a ring that we will both love forever. When it comes to engagement rings, Jim is unbeatable.

James Tutson
James Tutson




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